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  1. Design and construction of transmission lines as well as maintenance of transmission lines including towers and foundations (66kV to 400kV).
  2. R&M on transmission lines.
  3. Sub-station design, construction and maintenance from voltage class 66 to 400kV.
  4. Planning of EHV network.
  5. Reactive power management.
  6. Specification and techno commercial aspect for various transmission lines, sub-station equipments and associated construction contracts.
  7. Demand side management and energy conservation.
Most important engineering works for which personally responsible
  1. Have worked from 1972 to 1976 as a Junior Engineer in Distribution Department of Gujarat Electricity Board at Valsad (South Gujarat) and had been responsible for power distribution to about 85 villages and 15000 consumers.
  2. Promoted as Deputy Engineer in 1976 and worked in Transmission Department in Head Office till 1992.  During this tenure, responsible for design and construction of EHV transmission lines and sub-stations.  Large number of transmission lines covering a length of more than 5000 Kms. having voltage class 66 to 400kV have been planned, designed and constructed with direct involvement.  Besides, there was also a direct involvement in construction of lines for other agencies like NTPC, Power Grid, Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited etc. which have been accepted by G. E. Board as an assignment as a deposit work.  During this tenure, honorary services have also been rendered to Karnataka Electricity Board, Kerala Electricity Board, Ahmedabad Electricity Company, Surat Electricity Company, Power Grid etc.  During the tenure he has developed an expertise on electrical, mechanical and civil designs of transmission line and tower as well as foundation work.  During this tenure, he had also been responsible for maintenance as well as renovation and modernization (R&M)of towers and foundations with line in charged condition.
  3. Between 1992 and 1996, he worked as an Executive Engineer in Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited on deputation basis from Gujarat Electricity Board and was instrumental in construction of 5x50 MW Canal Head Power House (CHPH) which included stages from laying of a draft tube liner upto construction of generator top including instrumentation etc. for Narmada Hydro-Electric Project at Navagam, Gujarat.  He was also responsible in construction of 2 switchyards for evacuation of power from two power houses (5x50 & 6x200).  He also handled part of the construction underground of River Bed Power House (RBPH) in the tunnel.
  4. Between 1996 February and 2002 October, he worked in Gujarat Electricity Board, Head Office on repatriation from Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited as an Executive Engineer and looked after the work of design, construction and maintenance of 400kV lines and sub-stations.  During this tenure he had also been responsible for overall reactive power management including preliminary study for construction of Static VAR Compensation (SVC) at 220kV in Gujarat region.  He was instrumental in adding the capacity of 2000 MVAR in the grid of Gujarat Electricity Board during this tenure.
  5. Worked as a Superintending Engineer (Trans), Gujarat Electricity Board, Transmission Circle Office, Bharuch from October 2002 to October 2004.  Overall administration and technical head of Bharuch Transmission Circle and responsible for power supply to 6 major industrial estates and intensive agricultural sector through large number of sub-stations of voltage class 66 to 220kV and maintenance of transmission line network of 66kV to 400kV of 3500 circuit kilometer.
  6. From November 2004 till date working as a Superintending Engineer(Transmission) in the Corporate Office of M/s. Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation (GETCO, previously GEB), Vadodara.  Looking after the maintenance work of 730 EHV substations and 35000 kilometres of EHV lines.
  7. From December 2005 working as Additional Chief Engineer in the Corporate Office of M/s. Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation (GETCO, previously GEB), Vadodara.  Over all in-charge of Regulatory affairs of the Company.
  8. Retired as Chief Engineer Transmission(I/C) from Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation, corporate office Vadodara on 31/03/2006.
  9. From 01-04-2006 onwards running a proprietory  consultancy services named as “ Power Consultants & Agencies”. This firm offers consultancy in the field of EHV Transmission Lines & Sub-Stations.
Research and Teaching Experience
  1. Extensive research on transmission lines, components including tower foundation, line hardware etc.
  2. Measurement of soil resistivity and preparation of resistivity contours in the State of Gujarat for selection of sub-station site and also evaluating induced voltage on various transmission lines.
  3. Extensive research on transmission line, tower foundation bringing in lot of economy and simultaneously increasing the reliability of the foundations.
  4. Detailed engineering with regards to repairing of tower legs and foundation without any shut down on the transmission lines.  This particular work has paved a way for R&M activities on the old and aging transmission lines in the State of Gujarat.
  5. Extensive work on economizing the sub-station layouts, sub-station structural foundations, control room buildings, other ancillaries in the sub-station (for economy and increased reliability) and also to minimize the wastages of resources for design, foundations for transmission lines in fly ash ponds, creek areas, garbage dump yard etc. in the State of Gujarat.
  6. Detailed study and analysis of various electrical equipments from 66kV to 400kV and revising the specification keeping pace with the modern technology.
  7. Have submitted more than 70 papers on transmission, distribution and energy conservation, which have been accepted and included in number of National and International Conference, proceedings and journals.
  8. Member of Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) for transmission lines (IS 802) and also Committee Member for electrical switchyard IS.
  9. Standing Committee Member of Central Board of Irrigation & Power (CBI&P) New Delhi for transmission line designs and research and development.
  10. Have rendered services as Faculty Member on invitation from various organizations in the State and outside State.
  11. Instrumental in guiding Graduate, Post Graduate and PHD students for their project work.
  12. Have been a Panel Member in number of investigations of failure of transmission lines and towers in the State of Gujarat and outside it.
  13. Have been working as a Member of examiners’ panel for Engineering College, M. S. University, Vadodara.
  14. Rendering services as a faculty member in the Corporate Training Centre of G. E. Board for Engineers.
Research work
  1. Extensive research work on soil resistivity measurement, design of earth grid, design of tower foundations.  Pull out test on tower foundations has been carried out and economical design of foundations have been evolved and are being adopted at National level bringing in great economy and high reliability in the tower and foundation.  The soil resistivity measurements and research have resulted into economical construction and good protection to electrical equipments.
  2. Work on utilization of fly ash for construction purpose.
  3. Research work on switchyard designs economy and reliability resulting in to saving of crores of rupees.
  1. Have been awarded Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary (BI&P award for R&D in transmission network in 1997).
  2. Best Research Paper awards from CBI&P.
  3. Awards for Engineering excellence from The Society of Power Engineers (India) for his contribution in development of transmission lines and sub –stations.
Personal Details
  1. Date of Birth     : 30.03.1948
  2. Education         : B.E.(Electrical) from M.S.University of Vadodara.
  3. Address           : 198, Vishvamitri Township, Opp. Gujarat Tractor, Vadodara - 390 011.
  4. Activities          : Engineering, Music, Social work, Teaching, Lectures
  Power Consultants & Agencies, Vadodara.
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